Simone Thomson

Yorta-Yorta, Wurundjeri Simone Thomson is a Melbourne based fine artist, muralist and creative and is a descendant of Victoria’s Yorta-Yorta and Woi-Wurrung language groups through her mother. She draws inspiration for her art through her spiritual connection to country and the rich colours and textures of the earth and sky, the source of many Aboriginal dreaming stories. Simone’s signature use of vibrant colours and detail have produced varied styles of work including portraiture, large scale mural design, hand painted silk, emu feather hangings, wooden message sticks, geometric wood wall art, welcome shields, custom shoes, sporting apparel, netball design and Christmas hanging boomerangs. Simone’s artistic practice stems from her deep spiritual connection to her culture and traditional country, and a creative urge to produce evocative works that connect people of all walks of life and cultural backgrounds to Aboriginal storytelling.

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