About Us

About Us

Sarrita King | Lightning ©2013

Who we are and what we do

We are Dreamtimeart consultancy team. Our services is to provide artistic and innovative solution for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural connection based on cultural relevance and string collaborative partnerships with a strong focus on the protection of artists' copyrights, intellectual properties and Indigenous cultural intellectual property (ICIP)

The Indigopixl licensing platform is part of Dreatimeart creative consultancy services. Our team acts as a middle person between aboriginal artists and buyers. We verify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and artists. So, you can be confident that the licenses you are purchasing are coming from and to the right community.

Sarrita King & Tarrise King | Connecting Land ©2015

Our philosophy


We hold RESPONSIBILITY to communicate accurate artist stories, encourage self-determination, entrepreneurship and economic participation for Aboriginal people and community.


We have the privileged CONNECTION directly with artists, art centres, suppliers, community networks. We are signatories to art codes and associations and trusted partners with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses.


We RESPECT and honour the culture, the art and the artist first


The Dreamtimeart CAPABILITY is supported by our hand-picked supply chain of Aboriginal owned businesses, family owned businesses or small businesses means you are guaranteed high quality deliverables handled with pride and attention to detail at every step.


Our company PROMISE is to only work on projects that align with our business philosophy and deliver goods and services that are unique, beautiful and respectful.

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Meet Our trusted advisors

murra graduation dinner 2017
"Client participation with Dreamtime Art entails ensuring that artists are fairly remunerated, artworks are appropriately sourced through the right channels and culture is protected."
Matthew Everitt
Founder | Director
"Understanding the depth and breadth of Indigenous culture is a constant learning. An open heart is essential and an open mind is a necessity. Culture and art has to be respected as art is the culture."
Fatima Everitt
Founder | Creative Director
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